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I just want to tell all you anime-loving people out there I'm not into hentai or yaoi/yuri (boy boy/ girl girl love) ok, so don't expect to find any distorted anime on this site. The only way I will belive two anime characters of the same sex will be together or loving towards each other unless the anime either right out shows you them kissing know...
One of my first fanfics!  This
 is a DBZ anime fanfic!  What!
A new saiyan?!  Read to find
By: Reiko
If you have ever watched
Vampire Hunter D then you
would like this small fanfic I
made just for all of you!  I'm
still working on this one though!
By: Reiko
Here's my fic about my crazy friends and I...
At least if we had total control over our
favorite anime guys...*twitch twitch*
By: Reiko

A roleplay I edited to make a
hot story.  Around medevil
times.  Magic, dragons, and
lots of blood and romance.

By: Reiko & Yuna. Coming soon  

Another roleplay, but this
one was edited so much I
would take all the credit for
the story and the way it went.
By: Reiko & Kaze. Coming soon  
This is just a little short fanfic I
put together having to do with
me and my friends favorite
characters from anime, and
staring some of my own from
My "Survivor?!" fanfic.  Here
for your humor!!
By: Layla
Coming soon  
This is my Twin-san's place! 
I put this link together to
dedicate to her and her
fanfiction!  Enjoy the many
talents of Chibi-sama!
"Love and justice prevail
all obsticals!!" 
By: Chibi
Now these are all MM's
fanfiction.  Some original,
some EQ, and some are just 
off of anime.  Here ya go!
Love you Ane-san!
By: MM
MM's FanFics