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Chapter 1

          Layla looked around the room.  Many people were there, but she only knew three personally.  Those three were the ones she came with.  There was Chibi (other known as Chibi-Sama) who used to be her arch rival fighting over the universe, but now they considered each other twin-sans.  Then there was Tracie (A.K.A.: MM).  Layla was considered her else would she know so much about anime without her beloved Ane-san?  And last, but not least was Twin-san (no one really knows her real name, she's MM's twin-san and that's just her nickname)
          Layla turned to Chibi and asked her, "Do you know any of these people here?"
          Chibi laughed, "Oh you!  You have so much to learn my twin-san!"  She looked across the room at two couches set up in a corner with a coffee table in the middle holding many drinks.  "OK, you see those five guys sitting on the couches over there?"  Layla nodded.  "Those are all GW boys.  All right, the one on that couch who is staring into space with the evil, yet strange look on his face is Heero, Duo is the one with the long braid snickering and poking Heero in the shoulder, and Wufei is the one playing with the sharp knife."
          "Who are the other two guys on the other couch?  And who is the one with the long bangs wearing the turtle-neck shirt?"
          "I'm getting there.  Trowa is the one you pointed out.  Heh...why is he staring at you?  Anyway, Quatre is the blonde one.  He's mine so stay away!!!  Grrrrrrr....."
          Layla stepped back with an anime-like sweat drop.  "Ummm....OK.  I got those guys, but who are those other two guys over in that room staring at each other evilly?"
          "The one with the lavender hair is Trunks and the one with the violet with silver underneath and silver bangs is Bensho.  They hate each other."
          "They are both in love with Tracie and both equally hot."
          Just then Tracie appeared in between them with the biggest, scariest, and cheesiest smile plastered to her face.  "Yeah, and that's why I can't choose between them.  I like the good one, Trunks, but the evil in that Bensho turns me on!"  The girls snickered as Twin-san walked up.
          After they talked a while Duo came up with a huge smile on his face and put his arm on Twin-san's shoulder for support.  "Hello ladies.  How would you like a tour of our five gundams?  I will be the tour guide guy!"
          Twin-san fell in love immediately.  All the girls were thinking it over and when Tracie was fixing to say no Twin-san shoved her out of the way and said, "Of course we would love to!"
          Everyone walked outside and followed Duo.  Layla and Trowa began to talk and stayed far behind just talking with each other.  Once they all reached the gundams Duo turned around and pointed to the first one.  "This is Trowa's gundam, Heavyarms!  Isn't it pretty?" 
          After they got to the second one Tracie looked around for her grasshopper.  Just as she was fixing to ask where Lay-Sama was Bensho and Trunks began to yell at each other.  "Tracie doesn't love you!  I'm the better looking one!"
          "No way!  Have you checked your hair color lately Trunks?  It's a gay color!"
          Trunks went super saiyan.  "Well, now it's blonde so!  At least I'm not evil!"
          Tracie had enough and tried to get their attention, "Umm...guys."
          "You baka boy!"
          "Shut up!  I'll kill you!"
          "Try gay hair color boy!"
          "GUYS!!  You're making me mad.  I really don't want to do this!"  Just as they are fixing to blow themselves up Tracie turns super saiyan and sent a small energy ball at both of them. "Sorry, you two made me!"
          "That''s unfair my dear Tracie."
          "Shut up."
          "Yes, I think that's the best thing to do for both of us."
          Just as Tracie was fixing to ask where Layla was again Layla showed up in back of her out of breath.  "Layla!  Where were you?   Ummm...why is your shirt buttoned on the wrong buttons and why are you sweating?"
          Trowa ran up behind Layla with his bangs out of the way of his face held there by sweat.  "Oh...umm....Trowa and I were just looking at Heavyarms and got stuck in the mud and we had to try to push it out...yeah!"
          "Umm...Lay-Sama, I can see Heavyarms from here and kind of hasn't moved."
          Duo starts laughing and Twin-san watches him and smiles too.  Trowa blushed and then blurted out, "You didn't see Heavyarms move because you were probably busy doing something else...."
          Heero walked up in the back of Trowa and patted him on the back.  He looked up to everyone.  "I have a good idea for a game."
       Everyone followed Heero in wondering what it would be.