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Chapter 2

          Everyone sat on the floor waiting to hear Heero's idea for a party game.  After everyone was comfy Heero took out a bottle with a serious smile and then screamed out, "Seven minutes in heaven!"  Everyone there fell over anime style and Heero just looked around, "What?"
          After everyone got over the weird moment Layla took the bottle and gave it to Tracie.  Tracie blushed and spun it.  It went around and around and ended up in between Trunks and Bensho.  Duo laughed and fell on the ground.  "You all have to go in the closet now!!!"
          After four minutes of the three being in the closet an explosion happened inside the closet and Tracie walked out with a mad look on her face.  When she walked out both Trunks and Bensho fell out of the closet burnt to a crisp.  Then they both said, "We're not worthy."
          All the people got into their circle again and this time Twin-san spun the bottle and it landed on Duo.  Twin-san squealed with joy.  Chibi snickered with Quatre.  Twin-san dragged Duo in the closet.  After the seven minutes were done Wufei went and banged on the closet door.  "Time's up!  Oi!  You hear me!"  He tried to open the door, but it was locked from the inside.  "They locked it!  Now we can't play!" 
          The group waited about for an hour and then Chibi got an idea.  "Oi!  Let's invite Zelgadis over!"
          Everyone agreed and they called Zel to come.  When he got there they were all around him talking with him.  Tracie blurted out,
          "Hey Zel, do one of your magic tricks!"
          Zel looked sternly at her.  "They're not tricks.  It's real magic."
          "Yeah sure, just do one."  Everyone rooted Zel on and suddenly Zel got pissed off and went to the door and before slamming the door behind him he yelled out, "You all just consider me your own personal side-show freak!"
          "Well, that didn't work out well, did it?"
          "Nope."  Tracie then lighted up with joy.  "Hey yall!  I have a really neat idea for another game!"
          Just then Duo falls out of the closet with lipstick all over him in a daze.  "I hope your game doesn't involve a closet!"
          Twin-san fell on top of Duo coming out of the closet and said, "I hope it does!"
          Quatre laughed and sweetly smiled at Chibi.  Of course Chibi smiled back!  "My idea is that we should all play I never!"
          "What's that?"  Wufei gave her a dazed look.
          "OK, we all get a drink and someone says something they have never done and if you have then you have to take a sip of your drink."
          All the people sat in the living room one the couches and chairs holding their drinks.  "Who's starting?  How about you Tracie since you came up with the idea?"
          "All right Chibi.  Umm...let's see.  I've never spent two hours in a closet making out with a guy."
          Duo and Twin-san took a sip and everyone laughed.  Duo was next.  "I have never made-out in a gundam before."
          Layla turned and took a sip and Trowa did the same.  "What?!?!?  That's where you were the whole time of the tour!  I was worried sick about you and you were making-out with...with...Trowa?!?!"
          Layla blushed then got an evil look on her face and turned to Tracie snickering.  "I've never gotten turned on by a gundam."
          Everyone looked at Tracie.  "What?!?!  Why is everyone looking at me?!?!"  Tracie turned red and stared to sweat and finally started gulping down her drink.  Twin-san laughed and then everyone starting rolling on the floor with laughter.  "I was thirsty!!!!"
          Twin-san bent over by Tracie still laughing.  "No one is going to believe you!"                       

          Tracie bashed Layla on the head.  "Oi!  I do not get turned on by gundams!  What gave you that idea of writing that in this stupid fanfic of yours?!?!"
          "It's just a fic.  Calm down!  It's all fiction!"
          "Hey!  You are trying to side track me from what I came here for!!"
          "What are you talking about?!?!"
          "My c-d rom Layla!  That's what!  You know, the one with the pictures of the GW boys and Trowa!!!!!"
          "Oh, that one....would you believe me if I said that I lost it?"
          "Fine!  Than Twin-san stole it!"
          "Layla, Twin-san lives in another could she steal it?"
          "That's what I would like to know!"
          "Well, I always have my plan B to get you to give it back to me!!!"
          Tracie ran outside with Layla following her and looked up and laughed.  She had a devise in her hand.  Layla looked up at the gundam with guns all over it.  "Heavyarms!"  Layla noticed someone struggling at the top of it tied to the gundam's head.  "Trowa!  No!"
          Tracie snickered all evil like.  "See this button in my hand Layla?  This is the self destruction devise for Heavyarms!  Give me back my c-d rom and Trowa will live!"
          "I told you already....!!"

          Back in another state Twin-san sat down on her bed laughing.  She looked at the c-d rom and put it in her computer.  Mmmuuuaaaahhhh ha ha ha ha!  Now that I have the biggest collection of Duo pictures in the world I will soon have enough pics to rule it one day!"  A strange yelling noise came from the closet.  "I'll be right there Duo!  Don't be so loud!  I'll feed you in a minute!"