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Title: Survivor? Chapter 1

Author: Lay-sama




          As Trunks walked outside he suddenly saw Gohan running towards him waving with his black hair swaying to and fro. Although Gohan was in his late twenties, he still loved training with Trunks who was now 17 years old. Trunks took in a deep breath of air as the wind hit his face and his lavender hair was swept into his face. When Gohan finally got to Trunks he bent over with his hands on his knees saying to him,
          "This is a good day for training, huh, Trunks?"
          Trunks looked back at him with a smile and answers,
          "A perfect day." Then the two saiyans took flight together to find a training spot. At once they found a place in the middle of no where in a meadow surrounded by a dark forest. It was eerie to Trunks as he thought to himself,
          'Why are there no birds singing on such a fine day like this?' He quickly forgot what he was thinking about when Gohan suddenly went SSJ2.
          "You ready, Trunks?" asks the saiyan smirking.
          "Yes, Gohan. As ready as I'll ever be." Then Trunks also went SSJ2 and looked his opponent in the eyes. "I'm a little tired because of training with my dad in the gravity room for 3 days straight, but I'll be ok." He smiles and takes flight. As he looked down at Gohan he vanished and materialized in back of Gohan fixing to land a kick, but Gohan disappeared before he could touch him. Gohan repapered in the sky and aimed an energy ball at Trunks. He dodged it just in time and yelled out to Gohan. "Getting faster are we? I thought the older you get, the slower you get." Then he let out a laugh showing him that he was just kidding.
          "I might be getting older, but remember, wisdom comes with age, Trunks!" Then Gohan disappeared again and this time he didn't reappear. Trunks closed his eyes trying to sense Gohan's energy, but found that he was blocking it. Then suddenly a zap of pure energy came from nowhere and when he opened his eyes he found Gohan standing there looking off in the direction the power came from.
          "Gohan, what was that energy I felt? It's not my dad or Piccolo, this energy is way too powerful to be them. What do you think? Should we check it out?" Then Trunks looked out the way the power came and saw something in the distance falling from the sky. 'A meteor?' he thought to himself. Then it crashed around 50 miles away in the dense forest, and a huge explosion came from the place it hit.
          "Come on!" Gohan said in a stern voice. He took flight headed the way from witch the explosion happened. Trunks looked around and then joined Gohan, going SSJ3. As they flew Trunk kept his fingers crossed that this was going to be something good and not another enemy. It was true, he was very lucky to have the time off to recover from the last enemy and also train. It had been 16 years ago that cell had come to earth and Goku gave his life to save the earth. If only Son-Goku was here to tell them what to do. Although he would have probably told them to go back home where it was safe, and let him go check it out. But not if he saw how hard they had trained ,and how far Gohan had gotten. Now he was married with a child. Then as they neared the sight he kept his focus on what was about to come from this. Then Gohan stopped in front of Trunks in horror. When Trunks got there he looked at Gohan and looked down at the small rounded object sitting in the crater it brought upon the earth. Trunks wondered why Gohan was so scared when he didn't know what it was in the first place.
          "Gohan, what is it? Why are you so scared?"
          Gohan looked up at Trunks and he noticed the color drained from Gohan's face he tried to speak, but only stuttered.
          "Trunks, um...that saiyan..." he looked down again at the crater as though thinking over how to put the last words of his sentence. Then he finally looked back up to him and out came the word that he dreaded for so many years. He thought they were the last, but ..."a saiyan pod."
          Trunks now knew what had burdened his friend so to drain all the life from him. He looked down again and as he looked back up in shock as the truth hit him fast.
          "But we are the last saiyans! How could one have survived the impact to planet Vegeta? How? Why...why is it here?" The young face of Trunks suddenly had all his expression torn out of him and had in being crushed by the truth like an insect.
          "I don't know, but somehow someone did survive." And with that said Gohan mustered all the courage he had and very lowly he flew down to the pod. Trunks followed silent. So many questions in his head, but he wasn't stupid enough to ask them at this time. Once they got down to the pod they walked around it to the entrance that was still not opened yet. Gohan aimed an energy blast and shot just enough energy to open the door while Trunks stood behind him ready to face off with another saiyan. As it opened the door fell to the ground and they both jumped to the noise. Then as the dust blew away in the wind the anxious saiyans looked in to find nothing. Nothing at all. The pod was empty. Trunks let out a sigh of relief and smiled putting his hand on Gohan's shoulder and said in a relieved tone of voice,
          "Thank Kami that it's empty. It must have been floating in space empty, too. I guess, but why would there be and empty saiyan pod floating around in space, Gohan?"
          Gohan's expression did not change as he looked from the pod to Trunks' face. 
          "It wasn't empty when it landed, Trunks."
          "What?! What are you trying to say?! How do you know that?!" Gohan simply too a hold of his hand and put it on the pod's seat. "It's warm." Trunks let out a moan. "Do you think we will be able to beat this saiyan?" Gohan, whoever he is he is ten times stronger than cell."
          Gohan looked up to the sky. Suddenly he noticed that all was quiet like the whole world was listening to their conversation. The wind went through his hair and stung his face. Then he looked back to Trunks and said very calmly,
          "We have no way of beating this saiyan if it comes out that he is evil."

          The figure walked into the room cloaked with a hood, bowing ever chance he had, never raising his head to the one sitting in the darkness.
          "What news to you bring me?" the evil coated voice said.
          " lord Bensho, we might have very interesting news for you." The figure said cowering away.
          "Well, are you going to tell me?! Or will I have to kill you myself?!"
          "Yes, Lord. The news that is said is that a pod has landed. A saiyan pod. Before we could get to her Trunks and Gohan showed up, but she was gone so we still have the chance of finding her and giving her, her real orders. Sorry we didn't catch her before they did."
          "Then what are you doing?! Go find her or die! Go! Now! And bring me more bad news like that, and I will show you just how sorry you really are! Now leave my sight at once! You disgust me!"