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Title: Survivor? Chapter 2

Author: Lay-sama




          The two saiyans, after much thinking and meditating to themselves, finally returned back home. They flew into the sky, both very quiet and wondering in their minds whether they should tell anyone else this find. Some of Gohan's color came back, but he still looked like he had just seen a ghost. Finally Trunks spoke up,
          "Gohan, I think we should tell Kami about this and see what he says. Maybe we should even tell my dad so that he can help us." Trunks looked down at the passing trees waiting for his friend's answer, but he was silent.
          A good ten minutes later after thinking hard on the subject he looked up at Trunks and said,
          "Don't tell anyone about this yet. Tomorrow I will come to get you and bring you to Kami's place so we can tell him everything and ask if it is a good idea if we tell Vegeta or not. If your mom asks you anything about our little trip tomorrow tell her that we are just going to visit." Then he looked away sternly and sped up his pace to get home and think it over.
          Trunks looked back down to see that they were almost ho9me. Maybe five miles or so, but that was nothing when flying. As they landed in a field by Gohan's house the smells of rice, and other foods hit them. Gohan walked a ways and before Trunks could fly off he turned back and said one word although it meant so much,
          "Remember." Then he turned back facing his house and the wonderful smells. Trunks went into the air headed towards his house. The sun was setting fast, but the sight was beautiful. He forgot his worries from that setting sun, but the memories quickly caught back up with him. Then he felt a strange feeling that someone was watching him and turned around to find on one there. He shook off the feeling blowing it off as jest nerves. The saiyan turned back around and started on his way again. The feeling soon came back, but he just ignored it humming to himself.

          "Baka saiyan." And now that said Lord Bensho turned back around to go sit back down. 'Spying on him brings me no joy.' Then he said to himself with a hint of hate in his voice, "Once they find her I will tell her what to do myself." Then the figure began to laugh strangely. "Once we find her."

          The sun had finally set, yet the night had brought rain. As she ran to find shelter the leaves rustled under her feet. She must have been looking for shelter for at least thirty minutes until she finally came to a cave. Although it wasn't lit very well, it was dry.
          "I guess this will do until tomorrow." She looked out of the cave at the stars. She was amazed at their beauty, and then she realized what she was doing. "Baka, planet, you deserve to be destroyed. Vegeta, I'm coming. You should watch out." Then she leaned up against the right side of the cave and rested her body and her energy for tomorrow.

          Trunks woke up that morning to brutal shaking. When he opened his eyes his father was standing above him. He looked up at his dad wondering the meaning of this abuse so early in the morning.
          "Kakarot's son wants you, so get some clothes on. He seems in a hurry." Then Vegeta walked out of the room grumbling something about his son being stupid and breakfast being late as usual.
          Trunks go out of bed trying to remember everything that happened yesterday, then when the memory hit him he jumped out of bed throwing on the first thing he saw, dirty or not. Then he rushed out his room with jeans and a white T-shirt that had a few tares on the sleeves. As he ran out his bedroom almost knocking his dad down, but past him up and ran to the kitchen, picked up a piece of toast and ate it in one bight then ran out the door. Vegeta walked in the room as the door slammed shut behind him and looked at Bulma in disbelief and said more to himself than anyone,
          "What the..."
          Outside Trunks found Gohan on a rock looking at the sky. It was another beautiful day, but it was kind of wet from the rain they had last night. Trunks went to go sit by his friend and said very softly trying not to gasp what Gohan was looking at,
          "You ready to go to Kami's place?" Gohan looked down to him and said,
          "Yeah, but here are the rules. There will be no bursting out everything we saw yesterday in one breath, we will get Kami and Kami only in a room and tell him one at a time what we think."
          "Ok, I think I can do that. What's the other one?"
          "That we tell him in a calm way and give him time to tell us what he thinks."
          "Done, now you want to go?" Trunks gave Gohan an anxious look.
          "Yes, we can go now." Then they took flight heading in the direction of Kami's place.

          She walked out of the cave stretched her arms in the air. Then she looked all around to make sure no one was watching her and then relaxed slowly. She turned on the devise attached to her eye to see if there were any high power levels around the area. As she waited for the reading she ran her fingers through her long brownish red hair, as the wind softly blew it in her face. Then suddenly the reading came in. There were two very high readings going at a very fast pace in the opposite direction, but they were low to her and nothing to bother with. Then another high reading around sixty good miles away from the place she stood. The level of energy was high and she knew at once who ti was.
          "So Prince Vegeta. I searched all around the universe for you, and at every planet I landed on I hat a lot of practice on each inhabitant there. Now I have finally found you and your measly excuse of an energy rating. You have gotten stronger I se, but while you were resting I was fighting every chance I had getting stronger. Now I'm so strong that I have no way to control it in a certain peak of my energy, but that does not matter to me at all."
          Then suddenly a reading came and the ki was only four miles away to the south. The power was very strong, but it was neither human no saiyan.
          'What could this be?' as she was wondering whether she should be bothered to go over there something in her told her she should.
          "Well, more practice." 
          She walked the four miles and came upon a huge rock and on it was a Namek.
          'How?' she thought why would a Namek be on Earth? And she studied him very closely, his every movement, but he was as still as a tree sitting there. She figured he must have been meditating and that she should be extra quiet if she would want to watch more.
          'This Namek must be here training too.' Then she bent over and jumped out of the bushes for she was getting nowhere just sitting there watching him do nothing at all. The Namek looked up at the young girl in surprise. She hid her devise for power readings.
          The Namek then got up to look at her. As he studied her she suddenly felt very strange and turned red. What he could se from her, she had on a gi that was silver with black string.  As he looked at the form of her body he noticed that she was very muscular and that she had something around her waist that he could barely see. As he looked up at her she took one look at him and knew she was in for one good fight.
          "Well, are you done studying me and shall we get down to fighting?" He could tell that she was very strong and thought nothing of it and said,
          "I have no intentions of fighting a girl or anyone if it matters. As you can see I'm training and even though you seem very strong you will have no chance against me." She looked up at him and started to laugh at his lame excuse.
          "You think I'm weak? Is that it? Well I'm no human, Baka!" that said, she powered up and her power rose higher than ever.
          "What the...who are you? What are you?" Then he noticed the strange thing around her waist and realized exactly what he was against. "You're a...a"
          "Yes. Yes. Say it already. A saiyan. I know I know. I get that a lot lately since everything thinks Vegeta and Kakarot are the only ones left plus the fact that I'm a female saiyan, which is a new concept too, but you are only practice to me for when I get to Vegeta. You are lucky to die at my hands."
          "Then I guess you don't know about their children?" The Namek said with a smirk.
          "What?! Children? How many?!"
          "Well, Kakarot, as you call him, has two boys by the names of Gohan, his oldest, and Goten, his youngest. And Vegeta has one son. But I guess you don't know about Kakarot either."
          "Oh man, Children. Eh, what about Kakarot?"
          "Well, he died 16 years ago when he sacrificed himself for this planet."
          "No! Why?! So much has changed from when I first got this information!"
          "Yes, I guess it has. By the way, if you are a saiyan then how did you survive the blow to planet Vegeta? You must not have been born then to be what...16, 17 years old?"
          "Well, it was......wait! I don't have to tell you anything! You're the one who's at my mercy! You Namek! Tell me, what level has Vegeta gotten to?"
          "I know not the answer to your question. Unlike you I do not keep up with his life." The young saiyan girl's anger raged inside her as she tried to say very calmly not letting her power over take her like so many times,
          "Well, since it seems like I will get nowhere talking to you so let us get down to business. Raise your power!" Then the saiyan took out her scouter and watched through it waiting for him to raise his ki. He looked at her and said calmly,
          "What, you need that thing to give you an estimate of my power? Shouldn't you already feel that I'm not as strong as you are?"
          "I know that, it is just that I'm wondering how much energy I will have to lose to you. Kami help me if I have to go super saiyan because of a Namek." Then she powered up, her energy glowing a soft blue light around her. "Are you ready?" She gave him a half smile. He powered up too and didn't say anything. She saw his level was high, but nothing she had to really work for. She took flight and he followed her. He looked at her and took off. She followed him which was exactly what he wanted. He then stopped and vanished. She looked around in shock that a Namek could be that fast. Then she smiled and said,
          "So you're fast. Well I am too!" and just as he was behind her with an energy blast ready to hit her she vanished as she flew behind him just as he let the blast go and kicked him in the side. He fell a ways and then got back in the game. "Give me all you've got Namek!" Then he started charging his energy in his palm once again and went right in front of her and let it go. She stopped it in midair and while she was deciphering what to do with it she looked to his shocked face and said, "You control your energy well." And right when she finished her sentence she gave him a look and his own blast started to get bigger in front of his eyes until it held so much power she had to let it go. Piccolo couldn't dodge it and when the blast hit him he fell to the ground unconscious. Then the saiyan flew down beside him and said to herself while she picked his limp body up,
          "Well, that didn't take much at all. I respect your power and the way you can control it so well, but it is no fun to kill things that can't fight back. So I guess that I could leave you at Vegeta's door for a sign. That's a very good idea once I think about it and all."
          Then she flew the distance to Vegeta's house and stopped in the yard, dropped Piccolo on the ground, and powered up all her energy so that Vegeta would have to feel it and come outside to find his friend. Then she took off.
          Vegeta was inside when he felt the great power and he rushed outside. When he saw Piccolo he stopped dead in his tracks.
          "What the hell." Then he took the injured Namek inside his house and put him to bed right away.