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Title: Survivor? Chapter 3

Author: Lay-sama




         Trunks landed at Kami's lookout right after Gohan landed. Kami stepped out to greet them. It was odd that they would come visit this early in the morning. Mr. Popo was right behind Kami as he looked at Gohan's face to Trunks's face trying to match there expressions up, but both their faces were blank and without expressions. He would normally expect Gohan with a cheery smile, but there was none to greet him that day. Trunks on the other hand was a very serious boy although he was just as happy as everyone else he seemed to not let anyone in on a little secret he possessed. Of coarse that was an absurd idea, Trunks was always happy, just never smiled that much, but you couldn't blame him, his father is a grouch. Kami looked up from his thoughts and to Gohan. "Why hello Gohan, Trunks. Nice to see that you have come to visit me on such a beautiful day, what's the occasion?"
         Gohan looked at him with a serious face and calmly said, "We have very important......ummm." Then he looked from Kami to Mr. Popo and coughed a bit. Kami then looked to Mr. Popo.
         "Ummm...Mr. Popo, would you mind if we had a little privacy?"
         "Oh, not at all Kami. I'll be inside talking with Dende."
         "Thank you Mr. Popo." Then he looked down again and back up to Trunks and then Gohan. When Mr. Popo was far enough away to not hear the conversation Kami spoke up, "So Gohan. What's wrong that you have to take this matter to me?"
Gohan looked at Trunks and gave him a nudge and whispered to him,
         "You may tell him Trunks."
Then Trunks looked from him and then to Kami and started on with his story while Kami sat there listening in on every detail there was to know. To Trunks surprise he didn't show any shocked reaction when he learned of the saiyan pod.


         As she sat meditating on what was she to do next, she wondered of all the saiyans whereabouts to this day. One saiyan was dead and there where three new saiyans. 'Oh well.' She thought to herself as she meditated. Then suddenly there was a rumble in the planets ground. She opened her eyes and looked out. She sensed a power that wasn't human or saiyan. 'What could this be?' Then she heard a strange voice that sounded like it was coming from everywhere at once.
         "Hello. Your orders have arrived from lord Bensho and you must come with me now or I will have to force you to come. Which shall it be Tracie?" The voice had a hint of rasp in it, but sounded human otherwise.
         "First of all who are you? And how do you know my name? Show yourself!"
Then out of the bushes behind her came out a muscular figure. The monster had teal colored skin with red spiked up hair and had two golden earrings that hung down to his shoulder. He had deep red eyes and the clothes he was wearing were made to fight in, it was black with dark red, almost maroon, linings. The back of his shirt had a mark on it that almost looked like, if you looked at it long enough, a dragon or some type of serpent looming over a small village blowing fire. The thought of even fighting this strange character made her snicker to herself as she looked back up to him. He was rather tall compared to her, but otherwise looked terribly funny. He took one glance at her and then looked up at her well rounded face.
         "Are you not the saiyan girl Tracie?" He said in a hardened voice.
         "Why yes I am. And who are you and who is this lord Bensho?"
         "I'm a servant of lord Bensho and do his bidding. And as for my master all I know is that he is evil through and through, but of coarse I have never laid eyes on him for my eyes aren't the least bit worthy. And I have been so carefully picked to come and get you and bring you to my lord Bensho so he may tell you what your true plans for your powers are."
         "What? He cannot tell me what to do! I have a mission already and I will follow it out till I am done."
He smirked and said sarcastically,
         "And may I ask what this mission of yours is?"
         "I'm going to take my rightful place as ruler over all saiyans by beating the current ruler, Vegeta."
         "Don't make me laugh, that isn't worth your time or energy! Now come with me."
         "And what if I refuse your generous offer?"
         "Then I will have to force it upon you." With that said the warrior jumped into the air and looked down at her and said, "Come on."
She was angered at him, but managed to keep her ki down to the level she wanted. Then with a flick of her palm she let loose a small energy ball about at big as her hand and it flew past him. Then she looked at him and smiled.
"What are you smiling about? You missed me! And if you didn't that little of an attack wouldn't have hurt me anyway! I felt the blasts energy intake! It was nothing."
         Then she looked behind him still smiling and said with a sarcastic tone,          "Oh, really?" Then he looked behind him and there was the energy blast in midair growing quickly with power. He was stunned at how fast it was growing and how she could control it so well and then at that point in time it was let loose from her hold and went through his chest. He fell back holding his wound as blood soaked his mouth. Then she landed looking at his frail body and let out a loud laugh. His head looked to his wound and then his eyes rolled to the back of his head. She had won, but without any of the answers she wanted from him. The question she wanted the answer to the most was left without any hope. Who was this lord Bensho that his own servant didn't know who he was? Then she looked at the dead body and saw a black necklace around his neck begin to glow. She bent down over him and she looked at it very closely. She picked it up and over his neck. As she studied it the necklace stopped glowing. Then she put it back down and it started to glow again. Finally she left it with the body and as she turned around the body disappeared and the necklace was the only thing there to show the death. His blood seeped into the earth and the necklace only began to glow more. When she turned back around the necklace let out a ball of energy that struck her in the heart. She fell as all her energy was sucked from her body and with most of her energy gone she was even weaker and defenseless than ever.


         As Trunks and Gohan left Kami's place waving bye to Mr. Popo and Dende they flew back to there home talking about what happened that day. Although Kami didn't seem surprised in his actions his words sung a whole new song. Kami, for the one time in his life, didn't know what to do. He suggested very confident to tell Vegeta about this, but otherwise didn't have a clue on this.
As the two saiyans were talking Trunks stopped suddenly looking in the direction of the forest. Gohan was looking in the same direction. They both felt it.
         "Gohan, that power, it just went all the way above our levels and then dropped to almost nothing as if someone put all there energy in a blast, but there is no explosion or damage from what I can see. Could it have been the saiyan?"
         "It is the saiyan! Come on!" Then Gohan took the lead and flew over the forest to the spot. He had to remember where it was for he couldn't feel the energy anymore. When he got about there he stopped and looked at Trunks and said, "We are splitting up. You take the ground, I'll take the air. If you find the saiyan raise your power level and I'll be on my way to help you. And if I raise my power level....well you know. Now go!"
         Trunks obeyed him went go look on the ground. He didn't have any luck for a hour until he came upon a person laying on the ground, unconscious. He raced over to the person and saw the young girls beautiful face. Her body was limp and she looked so fragile there with hardly any life left in her body. He delicately brushed her silky brownish red hair aside to look at her whole face. He then put his head to her chest and found the slightest heart beat.
         'What could this girl be doing here? Was she the one with all that power and not the saiyan? But....but how? I see she is very muscular and has a lot of battle wounds, but I cannot see her fighting with such a frail body. I don't see any fresh wounds that would zap her energy so to leave her like this, and if she was fighting when this happened, who would have done this to her?' His thoughts were soon interrupted when he found a black necklace on the ground. He slipped it into his pocket and picked her up into his arms. Then he gave a high wave of energy loose to notify Gohan. Soon after the saiyan appeared and was ready to fight, but powered down quickly when he saw the young girl in his friends arms.
         "Did she make that energy rise and fall Trunks?"
Trunks looked up to him and back at her and answered,
         "I don't know, but what I do know is that this girl needs lots of rest if we want her to recover at all."
         Gohan simply nodded and took flight returning home with the girl safely in Trunks's arms.

         The figure walked in the dark room ready to die and tried to be as confident as possible, but the room let out a vibe and it wasn't a happy one either. He looked down to the floor as to show respect and bowed. "What news have you brought me?"
         "Well....ummm.....lord Bensho, I've brought bad news. The one we sent has been destroyed with one blow, but we also have some good news. That necklace you gave him has sucked her energy dry and now she is in critical condition."
         "Where is the girl now?"
         "We believe that Vegeta's son has taking her to his home to take care of her."
At the sound of that the whole place started to rumble. Lord Bensho stood up showing himself to his servant from neck down. He had a powerfully built body that was covered by a black cloak. Then he busted out all at once,
         "What! What do you mean!?"
         "Do not worry my lord! He has no idea of her power! And the first chance we get we will kidnap her limp body and bring her back here to be restored and for her little talk with you."
         "No! Do not take her from there." He sat down slowly, his hands falling on the sides of the chair.
         "But lord....we might not get another opportunity like this again!"
         "I already said my answer, now leave." When he left Bensho began to laugh and said calming down a bit, "This should be interesting to watch. Vegeta won't know what hit him."