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Title: Survivor? Chapter 4

Author: Lay-sama




         As Piccolo awoke Vegeta passed by the room and then stopped and looked back in the room to see Piccolo rubbing his head and trying to sit up. Vegeta then walked in the room and pulled up a chair to see what the Namek had to say. Piccolo was dizzy from his lack of strength and put his head to rest on his pillow not even bothering to look up at the saiyan. He then tried to explain, but lost focus and went back in and out of conscious and could barely see straight. Before he went unconscious though he managed to get out
two words,
         “A....saiyan” Then he fell back blacking out completely. Vegeta wondered what was the meaning of that and wondered if one of the saiyans like Kakarot’s son or something couldn’t control his power. Of coarse he was just coming up with idea off the top of his
         His thoughts were suddenly broken when his daughter Bura appeared in the doorway and said panting as like she was just running,
         “Trunks....Trunks is outside with a....a wounded girl.” Then with that said Vegeta ran down stairs and out the door to find his son coming with Gohan and a young woman in his arms that almost looked dead. Vegeta rushed over to them and grabbed the girl and called out to Bulma to get a room ready. He raced upstairs carrying the girl and he put her on the bed that Bulma prepared in three minutes, mostly rushed work.
         When Trunks got in the room he raised the girls shirt up to look at her stomach and sides for any wounds just in case, but there were none to be found. As Bulma came back in with a wet, cold towel to put on wounds, but it was no help she bent over the girl and asked
while she was inspecting her,
         “What in the world happened to her Gohan?”
         “I do not know. Trunks found her.” Then everyone in the room looked over to Trunks as though he knew all the answers. He looked to one person to another and said in a scared voice,
         “Don’t look at me, I didn’t see what happened!” Then they all looked to the girl once more. Then Bulma looked up and showed them out of the room. After they were all out in the
hall Gohan and Trunks looked up to Vegeta. Then Vegeta gave them a disapproving look and turned around and said while walking downstairs where they could just make out what he was saying,
         “Man, this whole place is changing into a hospital.” Trunks looked down and then walked into another room. He sat down and sighed. Gohan walked in surprised to see Piccolo laying in the bed.
         “What happened to him?” Trunks looked up from Piccolo to him and calmly said,
         “My dad felt a strong power and when he got outside he found Piccolo laying there unconscious, he was all bruised up and my dad brought him in to tend to his wounds, but I think my dad did it more so for the reason to find out who did this to him then to get him better. Heh...that’s my dad.”
         Gohan smiled at his friend. Trunks smiled back and then looked down at a magazine he picked up off the table. Trunks sighed and opened the magazine. Gohan looked over to Piccolo and muttered under his breath,
         “Who would do this to Piccolo, and even more, to a defenseless girl?”


         Piccolo walked downstairs in a daze. He found Bulma and her daughter sitting at a table in the kitchen talking about clothes and other things women talk about. They both looked up from their conversation to him. He stopped and looked around for a second. Then he turned back to Bulma and said,
         “Where is Vegeta? I have to speak to him.” Bulma pointed out the door and to the gravity room. Piccolo turned and walked out to the machine without another word. When
he got there he banged on the door of the gravity room. Soon after Vegeta walked out all cut up and blood dripping from his mouth. Piccolo figured that he was training harder than normal. He looked at Vegeta, his mouth was dried from lack of fluids, and he said,
         “Vegeta, I must talk to you about something very important.” Vegeta nodded and went go sit on a large boulder. Piccolo followed him and after he sat on the hard rock he started telling him about the young saiyan leaving out the part of her being a girl. Vegeta listened to his story about his fight with the saiyan and after said,
         “And this saiyan wants to battle me?! Ha! The fool! Does he not know who I am?! Piccolo, what did this saiyan look like?”
         “Well, you might laugh, but this saiyan is more powerful than us combined! And....well....looks wise is what you might call different. You might say this saiyan is one of a kind.” Vegeta gave him a hard look and tried to find the answer in his face before hearing it for himself, but Piccolo always had a straight face so it was rare when he was emotional.          “What does this saiyan look like Piccolo? What do you mean by one of a kind?” Piccolo sighed and said with a stern voice,
         “I didn’t mention the most strangest part. The saiyan...”
         “What?! Say it already!” Piccolo looked down almost embarrassed by this fact,
         “The saiyan is a young woman of 16 to 17 years.”
         “WHAT?!?! A GIRL?!?! A GIRL IS THIS POWERFUL?!?!” Vegeta turned red in the face with anger, pride, and power all at the same time. He looked down to wonder, his eyes scanning the rock thoroughly as if he was looking for something. He suddenly turned
white. He looked up at Piccolo white as a ghost, his lower lip quivering, and it wasn’t out of fear, no, Vegeta is too full of pride, it was out of remembrance. Piccolo scanned his face and then asked,
         “What Vegeta?” Vegeta stared straight through Piccolo and then stood up
gazing in the direction of the top floor of the house.
         “The girl...” Vegeta raced in the door to the room she lay in and gazed in. The bed was empty, the window opened. He looked out the window and saw the girl run into the woods with a great amount of speed. As he watched her run off he saw her tail swaying behind her.


         Bensho looked up from the monitor and gazed at the door as
he whispered to himself,
         “What are you waiting for? Why haven’t you attacked him yet?” His train of thought was interrupted when the door opened. Three figures walked in each in the same uniform. They bowed to him several times and the first one while he looked down to the floor said,
         “Lord Bensho, we have required your orders and we will go fulfill them and bring her back as soon as you give us permission.” Bensho looked at them one at a time inspecting their every move. They weren’t as scared as most of the other men he had sent out on missions, but they had great respect for him which he relized at once.
         “Good, I want you to find her now, but do not attack her till tomorrow. Survey her every movement and learn her every attack if you must, but I want her here by the end of the that day.” He looked to them, the light barely showing his face. “It’s been a long time
since anyone has seen my face, if she does not comply with my orders my face will be the last thing she sees.” Then he raised his hand and ordered them to leave to find the girl.


         She ran through the woods knowing that he would not follow her, but she wanted to get as far away from her enemy as possible. She regained most of her strength, but she wanted to test it out before she attacked him. She wanted to plan ahead, not to go straight at him as she normally did with normal enemies. She had felt his full energy when she was asleep. He was training very hard like he knew about he, but he couldn’t of. He would of attacked. It’s not
like Vegeta to wait. If she was right he was very impatient and was full of pride. She took a deep breath and laughed hard. She knew his pride would get him nowhere at all. She stopped by the cave she stayed in and turned to look around. She stared to run again in
another direction. She knew what she was after. Her pod had her supplies in it and with the rush once she got to Earth not to be spotted she left and grabbed only her scouter. She took in deep breaths while she was running. The pine scent filled her lungs and the wind was against her. She tried to remember everything that happened that she would have ended up under the care of her number one enemy. She had so many questions. She remembered
waking up a second in the middle of blacking out and looking up at a boy about her age. He had to be a saiyan. She felt his power. She remembered how his lavender colored hair went wild in the wind and how his arms were embraced around her frail body tightly. She knew why she let herself black out too. She felt safe for the first time in her life. Under the care of another was different then tending to your own wounds. There is no worry involved. She then saw her pod up ahead and stopped once she got to it. She dug around in it for about a good twenty minutes while she packed things in a forest green pack. After she was sure that she had everything she needed she headed back to the cave as the questions still piled up in her


         Trunks and Gohan listened in on Piccolo’s story as he told it with detail. Trunks was in deep thought wondering if that frail girl he remembered could be that powerful to trick Piccolo and then knock him down in one hit. He had as many questions as the girl did.
         ‘Why didn’t she kill Piccolo?’ He thought, ‘I mean..she couldn’t be that evil to leave him at the house of a friend to get better. And how did she know where this house was?’ As he thought Gohan was deep in thought also with many questions.
         When Piccolo was done with the long story Vegeta raised his eyebrow and looked at Gohan. Gohan stood up an put the chair back were it belonged and simply said looking down at the chair,
         “I’m going train.” With that said he walked out with Trunks right behind him.
         After they left Vegeta got up and walked out in the direction of the gravity room. Piccolo sat there amazed on how calm they were. He sat there for who knows how long till he finally got up and went go train by himself.


         The three servants of lord Bensho walked quietly in the brush watching her every movement and every step that she made. Ever since they started spying on her she constantly stopped and looked behind her like she felt there presence there. When she got to the cave they watched her drop her stuff and use her pack as a support on the hard wall of the inner cave. After she fell asleep they got their rest also, but one was always awake, watching her. In the morning they would attack a few hours after sunrise.