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Title: Survivor? Chapter 5

Author: Lay-sama




         Trunks got up from the kitchen table finished with his breakfast. His dad trained through the meal, but he was used to skipping meals to train, Trunks was not. He figured that food helped him to think and train harder. He walked outside and flew in the direction of the woods. The sun rose half an hour ago and he had trained all night with Gohan so he didn’t get any sleep at all. He was trying to find a good training spot so he can meditate and then train with his sword and to see how high his energy level has grown. Ever sense the talk with Piccolo he couldn’t stop thinking of that girl. She looked so innocent, but looks were deceiving at times, he knew that for sure. He wanted to train with Gohan today, but Gohan was going to tell Crillen, Yamsha, and the others about this misfortune. He remembered the girl once more. He looked into his pocket and pulled out the necklace he found. It started to glow as he looked into it. He studied its shape for a second. The necklace was pure silver and it had a black orb as the main part with two silver dragons on each side of it holding it up. He looked at it a little more to stare into the orb as it brightened. Then he hurried up and put it in his pocket once more. It was like nothing he had ever seen before. His mind quickly got off the subject as he found a place in a field. He landed on the grass studying the field’s landscape. Mountains to the north, a crystal lake that was to the west, and south and east were bound to forest. He decided that this was where he would train for the day and hopefully, if all went well, through the night as well.


         “One thousand nine hundred and eighty-three...” Vegetacounted doing pushups in the gravity room. His mouth was dry with no taste and his muscles were sore. He trained all day and all night after Piccolo told Kakarot’s son and his son the story. He wondered about the girls ki level and pushed it aside in his cluttered mind. There was no room in his mind for that right now.
         ‘That girl was so frail and weak looking. Ha! I could crush her bones with my fist!’ The room was at eight hundred times gravity. He was used to six hundred, but he wanted to train harder and more diligently than ever sense this new threat. Of course he didn’t take it as a threat, he took it as another enemy in his way to his ultimate power. He wanted to get to the ultimate level. The level that could take out the universe with a flick of his pinkie finger. After he started thinking about the possibilities in power he turned it up to nine hundred times gravity which put his sore muscles through hell just trying to walk. He went
SSJ3 and started on pushups on his finger!!!


         She awoke with a chill through her spine. She has never felt so helpless in her life, but the feeling went away quickly, she knew her limit of power. She shut her bright eyes for a moment and listened. No sound at all. She felt something, someone was there, but she couldn’t sense a ki at all. She got up and opened her pack taking out a burnt smelling piece of dried purple meat. She looked at it with disgust and thought to herself, ‘I never was a good cook.’ Then she laughed and put it back in the pack, after seeing that she lost her appetite. She put her pack back down and stretched. She looked down at her gi. She noticed the tears were gone from her many battles wearing it and it didn’t look to be worn at all. In fact, it looked brand new.
         “Huh...” She was amazed by it and turned to the door of the cave walking outside towards the light. When she got outside a cold breeze swept by her in an instant and the chill came back. She looked around. No one was there. She sighed and sat in the sun
         After thinking for a few moments she heard something in the brush and aimed a energy ball at it and let it go. She relaxed a second, but then three figures jumped out of the tree that was by the brush. They landed safely on the ground. She tensed her muscles and stood there very stiff as she examined each one at a time.
         She looked to the one in the middle. He wasn’t that buff, but he had a strange type of energy wave that made him different from any fighter she had ever battled in her life. He was short, although around her size. He looked like the weakest, but at the same time looked like the leader. He had dark violet hair and light violet skin with the same uniform as the enemy she defeated right before them. She looked to the one on the right. He was the buffest, but he didn’t look to clever. She needed to watch out if he came to punch her. She would be out for sure with one hit from him. He had light green skin with black hair. He was tall and he looked almost like a human except for the skin. Then she looked to the one on the left. He had golden skin and all together looked very shy and modest. The shy ones always get you in the end so she needed to watch his strength, it was nothing to be bothered with right now. What scared her was the one in the middle’s power. It was too strange to be call physical
strength, more like a spiritual strength. She took in a deep breath to wait for them to challenge her. The one in the middle stepped forward with a serious look on his face and said calmly,
         “Hello. We are here to ask you a favor of coming with us.” She gave a very cocky look and put her hands on her hips.
         “Let me guess, Bensho right? Sorry, I refuse yet again. This is getting old. I said no.”
He gave a look of disgust and then a smirk appeared on his face,
         “That’s too bad. Shall we take you by force then?” He looked back at the big one and shook his head in her direction. She got in her stance getting ready to fight. She waited for him and noticed that he was very slow. She took flight. He followed keeping a safe distance. He looked up and she noticed that his eyes were blood-shot-red. She flinched at those cold eyes of his and waited to see what his was going do. His eyes rolled in the back of
his head as he lifted his two hands to the sky and seemed to be taking fire straight from the sun into his hands. The fire started to take form as a ball and for a second she could have sworn she saw a red dragon appear in the fire, but it quickly went away. She crossed her
arms in front of her chest. He let out the fire ball and it hit her. She was pushed back in the air holding it with her crossed arms trying to deflect it. She thought a second while she was being pushed. She turned her head to look behind her right as her back drove in a mountain. In the mountain the fire ball began to slowly loose power.
         ‘That’s it!’ She thought, ‘The shade! Being away from the suns energy!’ She slowly regained her position and flung it back out to him. It must have been a surprise to him because he wasn’t in a stance ready or anything. She came back out with a few burn marks
on her arms, but otherwise was fine.
         “So, that’s how you wanna play? I can play with fire too!” She lifted her arms out to the side and two discs started to appear made of pure fire. She crossed her arms with a disc at each hand holding her hands away from her face. Her upper arms covered haft of her
face and her eyes got wide as she screamed then let them go. They flew by him then came back knocking him in the spine. One went through his back and the other through his left shoulder. He fell to the ground holding his shoulder. Blood dripped from his mouth as he
looked up at her. His eyes were back to normal as he fell face flat onto the ground. She flew down landing on one foot. The leader seemed very mad at that and charged to her. She could see his blind tactic and simply moved. When she looked back at him black clouds quickly took over the sky making the light vanish. Blue mist covered the ground. She flew up to try to get away from the fog only to find that there was no getting away from it. It surrounded her. She looked around her to try and find him. She sensed his power and
turned toward the direction it was coming from. She finally spotted him. He was floating with his legs straight under him and hands crossed sarcastically around his chest. He looked up at her with a smirk and said,
         “So, I bet you have been wondering about my energy wave and why it is so strange.
Well, I’ll tell you. My energy doesn’t come from this planet as my friend’s energy did or even from training under hard times. All I have to do is concentrate on my level going up and does! You are strong and I can see why you are such a prize to be had. Come with
us now and I won’t bestow pain upon you.” She stared at him with unbelief in her eyes.
         “Show me your power!”
         “OK.” He held his fists to his ribs and tightened them. It was like he had to go through pain to “bestow pain on others”. His form started to change. His violet skin turned darker till it almost looked black and he got buffer and taller all at once. A huge spike grew on his right arm like a spear and he slowly calmed down. He looked much more powerful and he wasn’t that weak looking anymore. She got that chill down her spine again. She shook off the feeling and went SSJ2. She had a golden glow that surrounded her like most saiyans and her hair was blonde in a pony tail on the side of her head. Her straight hair turned curly and instead of reaching her back it reached her ankles. Her muscles grew bigger as well. She concentrated on how much power to put into attacks without going insane with outrageous amounts of power being thrown all over to destroy the planet. She gave a sigh and mustered up enough
energy and threw a energy ball at his head. It hit him and he fell a few feet to the ground, but he soon got back to his feet and he turned back to her and gave an evil smirk wiping the blood from his lower lip. She flew backwards a little shocked that his skin wouldn’t pierce under that amount of strength. She stopped to look at him and he turned around acting normal at first, but then he bent down holding his wound and she saw his blood dripping between his fingers falling to the ground. Where the drops of blood fell steam rose. He fell to the ground, but he was still well enough to live if he got the right care. She left him there and flew down turning to the shy one in the group.
         He walked up shyly and she let out a small laugh. He stared at her and started to snicker too. She looked at him confused and said,
         “What are you laughing about, don’t you see I’m the one with the advantage here? Or do you like watching your teammate and leader fall to the ground like flies?” He covered his mouth and started to laugh harder. “What’s so funny?!? Am I that much of a joke to you?!?” He moved his hands and got in a stance ready to fight and said,
         “Do you really believe that weakling was the leader of this group?” She gave him a look of disgust.
         “Yes I did. Are you telling me that you are the leader or something?”
         “Yes, I am in fact. And my offer still stands about coming with me to see my lord Bensho.”
         “I said no for the third or fourth time! No is my answer and it will stay my answer!” She got in her stance powering up thinking nothing of his strength. He smiled with hard eyes and they just stood there staring each other down for a few moments till he started to chant something under his breath. He put his hand close together and a strange black energy ball grew in his hand till it was the size of a baseball.
         “Then I have no choice, do I?” She snickered at the small energy ball and said sarcastically,
         “I guess not.”
         He let it loose and it went through her. It destroyed her stance and she fell to the ground on her knees. It wasn’t a normal energy ball, this one went straight in the depths of her soul and it was like it was eating away at her every second passing. She grabbed her hair screaming out in pain. She kept powering up trying to fight it off, but it was like while it was eating away at her soul it was eating away her energy as well. She couldn’t think so she kept powering up and it kept getting stronger and the pain more great. She screamed out again in pain.

         Bensho sat at his thrown watching her through her pain. He looked upon her softly and touched the screen as though it was a lover’s face. He sighed and said looking down,
         “I know you can get out of this. Just say the words I want to hear and you will be set free. It won’t kill you, just make you use all your energy fighting nothing. You know deep inside yourself that this is not real. The insanity is only what you make of it.”
         He turned the knob turning of the monitor. He thought a second and sat there wondering how it would turn out. He wanted her to be at his side in his army killing things that will one day die and destroying things that are already dead. He wanted her power for himself, but he rather it under his control. He wouldn’t be able to handle it, and she, she was used to the pain. He watched her power go to each level and one day he was watching her go insane from
her own power level that she couldn’t control. No wonder she was very light with the energy she let out. Insanity wasn’t one of his favorite things to watch. Although his top warrior was good at making his opponent believe the illusion of insanity to put all there power to it and waste it all.


         Trunks was training in mid-air when he heard the scream. It was
of pure pain. And he felt the energy bob up and down like a boat
on water. He started to fly in the direction immediately to see what
was happening that pain could be that great. Then he stopped in
shock. The power went so high and it kept getting higher and higher.
         ‘No one can be that strong.’ Then his mind wondered back when he
felt the power when the pod hit the earth. It was the same, but
growing to unbelievable heights! ‘The girl!’ He thought of her in that
much pain and started to fly that way the fasts he has ever flown
‘I’m coming, don’t worry.’