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Title: Survivor? Chapter 7

Author: Lay-sama




         She looked up at the sunset with a smile, as her long brownish red hair swayed in the calm wind. Trunks gazed, not at the beautiful sunset, but at her into her bright eyes. She turned to him and saw him staring and she laughed a bit when he blushed. After they laughed at themselves he put his hand genteelly onto her face stroking her cheek lightly. She looked away embarrassed, but quickly set her gaze back upon him. She felt her blood rush through her veins and her heart pound so hard it felt like it would beat right out of her chest. She sighed lightly trying to calm her rushing blood down as she looked up back at the sunset.
         “Trunks.....” Trunks looked up surprised to see Gohan landing there looking at him strangely. He swallowed hard and thought to himself,
         ‘Did he see the way we looked at each other? Does he think of me as some sort of traitor now?’ He gave Gohan a big, cheesy smile trying to forget about it.
         “Gohan, umm....I know this is a little awkward....but, ummm....” Gohan sighed and smiled back.
         “No Trunks, it’s not that ak.....” He turned his gaze to the girl as she blushed and turned away from him. “OK, it’s a little akward, your right, but I’m sure you can explain. She suddenly stands up with a surprised look on her face.
         “Your Gohan? Your a saiyan?”
         “Yeah.” She walks a little backwards and goes super saiyan.
         “You are my enemy?!?! Are you friends with Vegeta?!?!”
         “Umm....well you know what? You seem to have no problem talking with Vegeta’s son, but you would kill a friend of his so quickly?” She gazes at his slowly going back to normal. She sat down and lowered her eyes.
         “I’m so sorry. It’s just that I had a mission and now I’m letting not only myself down for not running through with the plans, but my family.”
         Trunks put his arm around her and embraced her pulling her close to him. She whimpered a bit and put her head on his muscular chest. Gohan put his head down. Trunks closed his eyes trying to savor that moment. He tightened his arms pulling her closer as her eyes watered a little from her foolishness.
         “It’s all right. You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone. We all know that you are strong and well it is ok if you don’t change your plans of trying to defeat my father and I will protect you as much as possible, but I will be forced to help my father in his times of need if you know what I mean.”
         “Yes. I apologize that I’m being so foolish, I’m such a coward to come here looking for a fight to be recognized as just the ruler of a dying race.” Gohan looked up and said,
         “Oi, we are not a dying race anymore.”
         “Yes, guess you are right.”
         “Well, I must be headed out and go home. Videll is probley going to be so worried, but oh well. I must go.” As he turned his stomach growled and he stood there in place kind of laughing.
         “Or it couldn’t be that a certain saiyan might be hungry?”
         “No, what gave you that idea, Trunks? Umm.....well, gotta go. Ja.” Gohan took flight waving while Trunks and Tracie both started to bust out laughing.
         Trunks looked at her into her eyes and held her close again feeling her up against him wondering when would that wonderful moment end.


         Bensho sat on a bolder at the top of a hill looking down at them. He looked to his servant and said calmly,
         “You must go. I can take it from here. I will be back soon with her.”
         “Master, are you sure?”
         He gazed at his faithful servant and smiled at his worries,
         “Yes, I will be fine Aka Ryu. Now go. I will be back very soon.” Aka Ryu bowed and with one swift movement of his arm disappeared. Bensho stared down at Trunks and clenched his fist tightly when he saw Trunks holding her. Anger rushed through his veins. “Trunks, you will die. I will never let you take my dear Tracie away from me. Never!”
         With that said he threw an energy ball at Trunks hitting Trunks on his back making him fall onto the ground. Tracie looked around and sat on the ground next to him picking up his limp body. He only seemed to be knocked out.
         “Trunks!!! Trunks, can you hear me?!?! Oh, Trunks, please hold on!!” She looked up at the mountains spotting a hill with a figure on it in the shadows. She got up and went super saiyan with tears running down her eyes and making her sight blurry. She powered up and sent two fire discs to hit the figure while she screamed out, “I hate you!!! Why?!?! Why would you do something so horrible?!?!”
         When the dust went away she looked and through her blurry eyes saw that the figure was gone. She looked at Trunks and picked his head up and hugged his body tightly. Soon she saw an energy ball come at her in the corner of her eye and it hit her and she fell over unconcience as well.
         Bensho walked over to her and picked up her limp body sweetly. He looked over to Trunks.
         “Damn you Trunks, I would kill you, but you are not worth my strength. I don’t see what she sees in you at all. Tracie, I’m sorry. I did not want to hurt you, but it was the only way for you to come with me. You will understand soon enough.” Then Bensho let out a small laugh at the sight of Trunks there, helpless. He held her tight to him as he looked at her innocent face. He stroked her cheek and put her cheek up to his closing his eyes. “You will be mine Tracie, you are already. Mine.”


          Piccolo jolted out of his meditation.
         “Something is wrong. Something is not right at all.” He looked up at the stars and shrugged. “No, it’s nothing. I’m just too tired. I need rest. That’s all, nothing more than that.”


         Vegeta looked up out the gravity room’s window at the stars.
         “What the hell is going on?!?! It’s probley nothing at all. I can’t let something get in the way of my training. Nothing. I will squash that pest if it’s the last thing I do.” Then Vegeta went back to his training with no worries in mind at all except to get to his goal.


         Gohan looked up from his meal.
         “What is it daddy? Is there something wrong with your dinner?” He turned to his daughter, Pan.
         “No, nothing. It’s perfect as normal.” He sighed with a smile on his face, but that something he
felt was still nagging at his heart. Videll gazed at him strangely.
         “Gohan, what is it? What is wrong?” Gohan turned to her with a smile and said,
         “Oh, it’s nothing.
Nothing at all.” His voice trailed off and he looked down. ‘It’s nothing.’ Then he began to eat again, stuffing his face like normal.


         As she opened her eyes slowly she rubbed her head softly trying to remember what happened. She suddenly remembered and got up. She looked around the room. It was very pleasant looking. She looked down at what she was sitting on. It was a satin covered bed. That’s when she noticed that she was wearing a silk green dress. It looked like whoever made it was under Chinese influences. She wasn’t going to lie to herself. It was very beautiful. It was like a robe, but not at the same time. The dress crossed in the middle, left side over right. It had no sleeves and was very long and elegant looking. She stood up in it and looked around the room once more. There were very huge doors with a symble of a dragon on them. When she examined her dress once more she gazed in a mirror that was in the room at the back of it. It also had the same dragon symble. She stood looking at herself in the mirror. Her hair was up in a very nice way with her bangs curled and in her face.
         The doors began to open and she backed up a bit a little afraid what was on the other side of those doors. They opened all the way and a very, very handsome young man walked inside with a smile on his face. She surveyed him. He had dark violet hair that was short in the back, but he had very long bangs that were silver, believe it or not. Under his violet hair was silver too. She looked at his body which was very muscular, but not too muscular. He had a very nice and warm smile and all together he looked like a prince from fairy tales.
         She blushed as he walked up to her and she walked backwards and found herself right by the bed. She sat down and looked at him with weary eyes. He was hiding something behind his back. She filched. She couldn’t believe how safe she felt, but how afraid she was at the same time. He pulled out a vase holding flawless red roses. He smiled at her as he put the vase on the table next to the bed. He looked at her for a while thinking. She broke the silence finally and said,
         “Who are you. Why have you brought me here to this...this place?”
         “Oh, I’m so very sorry. I’m so stupid not to think of introductions.
It’s just you are so beautiful it can sometimes distract me.” She blushed at the and didn’t know how to react.
         “Who are you?”
         “My name is Bensho. As you already know I’m the one who wanted you so badly.” She backed away from him nearly in shock. He sat beside her and smiled once again genteelly stroking her cheek. She filched at this so he took his hand away ashamed. “I am so sorry about hurting you, but I had to get you unconcience to get you here.”
         She nodded and remembered Trunks.
         “What...what did you do with Trunks?!?! Where is he?!?!”
         “Oh, don’t worry about him. He is fine. I did not take him with me or hurt him any further, but why do you worry about him so? Why do you care so much about your enemy’s own flesh and blood?”
         “I...umm....I, well, I think I’m in love with him, but that is no concern of yours! Why did you bring me here?!?! I demand you tell me!”
         “I brought you here because I thought you would be safe here and I would like to help you defeat your enemy. I will do anything for you.”
         “Defeat..defeat my enemy?”
         “Yes.” He smiled at her and got closer embracing her. Her eyes watered and she didn’t respond to his sudden yern for her.
         “Maybe because I just like to see you get what you want or maybe because I love you.” Her eyes brightened and she yerned for the love she so needed.
         “Why do you love me?”
         “Because, you Tracie, you just fill my heart with joy so much that it has driven me insane with love. I haven’t found joy for the longest time, until you came into my life. That one day on planet Uken when you defeated my fathers army with one blow and then spared my life with a smile telling me that you would not hurt me. It’s just that ever sense that day you have filled my mind and I went out with my most powerful warriors and my most faithful servants to find you.”
         “, I remember now. I remember now.” She let him embrace her and suddenly he took her shoulders with his arms pushing her away to look into her eyes. Her head tilted down and he took his hand and lifted her head up by her chin. She looked into his crystal blue eyes. She noticed that his eyes had a silver lining and silver specks in it. They were so beautiful she never wanted to look away.
         “You will always be in my heart and mind, Tracie. Always.” He pulled her close to him once more and genteelly kissed her lips. He put his head on her shoulder and then whispered in her ear, “I will always love you.”
         She cried at that. She didn’t know how to react so she cried and he comforted her and embraced her making her heart warm.