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Quizes from Ydoc!


You're the hyper-active, caffine driven, overly wacky female. This is the female equivalent of the "Goofy Protagonist" in the first cliche quiz. So if you got that in the last quiz then surprise surprise. If you didn't then...well who cares. These characters become chibi-esque far more often than other characters, and deform in other ways far more often as well. They generally speak really fast, and have the least lady-like manners. A prime example of this type is Excel from Excel Saga, and another, slightly calmer character, is Haruko from FLCL.


Mad Pierrot from the Cowboy Bebop episode : Pierrot Le Fou

The angel of death herself. In the series Boogiepop Phantom, Boogiepop was the original, and mor respectable angel of death. She did her job as it was just that, a job. She's very monotone and very professional. She also strikes me as very laid back in the long run.



Hinamegami is Kitty in human least she'd like to think she is. She's the only female member of the YNI staff, and probably the most talented. Her interests (much like GrimJim) involve both things of a darker nature as well as all things cute and cuddly. She is very good at graphic design for someone who's never taken a lesson. She's giggly, ditzy, cute, intelligent, and logical. She doesn't hold things against people just so long as they're decent human beings to her. Some of her quizzes for the site also show some interesting traits about her... *cough* hentai quiz *cough*.

Extra Note: Hinamegami also happens to be Ydoc's best friend.

From "Kingdom Hearts"

Power-Pole Extend!

Adorability!  You're inhumanly cute, especially when you cry your big-tears. If your friends don't appriciate you, that's probably because they're bitches.

You are intelligent and highly curious, which sometimes makes people think that you are evil.

Note: Statistically you are the most likely of all the different results to complain about what you got on a forum or journal.

Badass Wu

You're like Benares from the series 3x3 eyes . Click here to learn more about the series.

Dark, mysterious, and of course, bad-ass. You are currently or will be in the future, the soul protector of one person. Unfortunatly that person is more powerful than you are, but hey...look on the bright side. At least you can't die.

You belong in the series Orphen. Click here to learn more about the series.

I've come to take you.You're like Boogiepop from Boogiepop Phantom. Click here to learn more.

series: Petshop of Horrors

















































































































Oh yes! Many thanks to Whyte Myst for sharing her wonderful backgrounds!




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