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Welcome to Reiko's Place

Jan 2, 2004

Hey you guys! New updates for a new year. Wallpapers have been updated thanks to the hard working MM. I've been really busy lately and I haven't really given the site the attention it yearns for. I'm working on lots of role plays with MM and Chibi. Those will be typed up and put in the fan fiction section soon, hopefully, but me being so busy…who knows. Pray for my dad! He just had a heart attack and they keep mixing all his medicines and it seems he's worse off with the medication that without it. I even have my friend Bennie in Hong Kong hoping he gets better. Quizzes and links to them are up! Yes…I am addicted… It's MM's fault though… Just imagine what I could do with all my brain cells. Scary thought, no? That's what MM keeps saying at least...Well, hope you enjoy my update. THANKS MM! Email me if you want to. I have a link…so…click it…and…type a bunch of useless stuff to take up my time…like I'm doing right now…Bye-bye!



Check out my fan fics
This section is devoted to Fan Fics. Some are mine, some are my friends, and some are RPGs that me and my friend do together. Either way it's a lot of fun.
Check out my wall papers!!
These are wallpapers I've collected. They're all anime that I like so I hope you enjoy them.
Reiko's Music Section!
Reiko's now got an official Music Section! Here you can see the WinAmp skins she likes, and some of the songs and lyrics she loves. Anything pertaining to music and Reiko will certainly be here!
Check out all my crazy quizes
This section is devoted to all the online quizes I take. Be warned, there are many and they will grow.
Here's some awards I've one. There's not alot but I'm hoping to change that soon.
Here's the section devoted to all the awards I've won. they're few and far between. But that's a start right?
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So you want to link back to Reiko's Place. Great! Just take one of the Link Me banners. Compliments of MM.
Here's my Link page. The background makes it worth seeing!
Here's the links to the places I like. I don't
have many up yet, but I have the most
important to me up and that's what counts ^.^
For your enjoyment, Reiko brings you the Mental Health Hotline. Please don't take any of this to heart!
For those of you in need of help
Check to see what the Mental
Health Hotline has for you.

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Previous Updates

This is my site and I hope you enjoy! A little about me: I'm a girl in love with roleplaying, anime and dragons. I also am into writing poems, stories, and fanfiction. There will be lots of anime reviews on my site as well. I love hanging around with my anime-crazed friends (MM & Chibi). I hope you enjoy my fanfiction section and wallpapers. Ah, I have some winamp skins too. You can e-mail me and tell me what you think and please, don't be shy. Well, I hope you enjoy...what's up so far. Ja ne!

My friends are getting antsy about this site and want me to publish it already. I don't know if you people will like it or not, but personally it's not the greatest site ever. I don't have anything major put up, but I'm planning on putting more pictures up (mainly some I stole from other sites), wallpapers so you people can download them and fan fiction up. I'm hoping to have an "about me" page too. Well, that's all for now. I'm publishing this baby today so yeah!!!